The Adventures of Fred and the Avenging Chicken

Fred and the Avenging Chicken

Welcome to the official page of Fred and the Avenging Chicken. No, I don't know how it got to be named the Avenging Chicken. My wife was going to Pocatello for a family event, and she told the chicken that she doubted that I would take it along. (She took the anteater to Pocatello.) The chicken gave me a long, imploring look from its little stuffed chicken eyes, and I couldn't resist. It started out as a one-time event: I took the chicken to a library conference and took pictures. People liked them, so I took the chicken to another library conference. Then another. My thanks to all the people who agreed to pose, and to the chicken for patiently accompanying me on our adventures.

Please note: Any opinions, either stated by me or inferred by you, are strictly my own, and do not necessarily reflect any opinions of my employer, co-workers, the avenging chicken or any of the people, squirrels, or other creatures shown in these photographs. The cat has his own opinions--very firm opinions--which he shares at full volume every time I get home. The dogs don't seem to care one way or another, but they're always happy to see me when I return from a conference.

Also please note: Yes, it's a fairly bare-bones site. Someday I might make it elegant. Probably not. Think of it as charmingly retro.

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Poetry Inspired by my Experience as a Medical Librarian

worthy of Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz himself

In the course of my many years as a medical librarian, I've written a variety of poems, or, to be more precise, doggerel, on a variety of themes. Most of them were originally published on MEDLIB-L, the medical librarians' discussion group. Here they are in one place. All are released under Creative Commons: (1) You are free to reproduce these works at will without asking my permission. If you make millions of dollars off them, I'd appreciate it if you'd throw a few dollars my way. (B) Attribute them to me, Fred King, if feasible. (iii) If you make improvements, please send them to me at phred (at) phred (dot) us.

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