MLA 2017: Fred and the Avenging Chicken go to Seattle

No, I don't know how it got to be named the Avenging Chicken. My wife was going to Pocatello for a family event, and she told the chicken that she doubted that I would take it along. (She took the anteater to Pocatello.) The chicken gave me a long, imploring look from its little stuffed chicken eyes, and I couldn't resist. It's not a great web page, but I'd rather have quick 'n' easy today rather than elegant six months from now.

Please note: Any opinions, either stated by me or inferred by you, are strictly my own, and do not necessarily reflect any opinions of my employer, co-workers, the avenging chicken or any of the people or the squirrel shown in these photographs. The cat has his own opinions--very firm opinions--which he shared at full volume when I got home.

Cat on the Suitcase BWI Airport In the Hotel Room Pike Place Market
Thwarted in his desire to go to Pocatello, the cat next tried to stow away on a flight to Seattle. Contrary to common belief, it is possible to arrive at the airport much too early. There was no traffic, I got to the parking lot right as the shuttle was about to leave, and I got to the terminal at 3:30am. We check into our hotel room. Fred and the Avenging Chicken go to the Pike Place Market.
Pike Place Market Margaret Hoogland
Outdoors at the market. Margaret Hoogland from the University of Toledo, and her poster. Keep an eye on her; she's probably going to be running for MLA president someday. We meet with Vasu Sriganesh. She and I became acquainted over our mutual interest of teaching Medline searching skills in Indian medical schools. They don't, but she's trying to change that. Go take a look at QMed, her foundation. Time for a quick sit-down outdoors. I think I'll use this picture for my new LinkedIn photo.
Pike Place Market, dried fruit stall Pike Place Market, fresh fruit stall Pike Place Market, chocolate stall Starbucks Mug
I had some free time, so it was back to the Pike Place market to get some goodies for my co-workers. Alas, I couldn't take any fresh fruit home. Chocolate, on the other hand... And of course I had to get a Seattle Starbucks mug.
Patty Brennan Teresa Knott Giving my presentation Giving my presentation
After the NLM update, NLM Director Patty Brennan was kind enough to pose for a picture. As was Teresa Knott, outgoing MLA President. Then came the scary part: my presentation. I had a few goodies to give to the people who stayed to the end. (Photo by Vasu Sriganesh.) Giving my presentation. (Photo by Margaret Hoogland.)
Audience PowerPoint Show Exhibit hall, winding down NLM booth
I even had an audience! (Photo by Margaret Hoogland.) And a PowerPoint show! (Photo by Margaret Hoogland.) In the meantime, the conference was winding down. A final visit to the NLM booth.
Crumpet Shop Patty Brennan's Talk Dryer Squirrel
Last day: a trip to the Crumpet Shop. Highly recommended. Then to hear Patty Brennan's talk. She really is an amazing person. Before we packed up, the Avenging Chicken had a visit with a friend from Munich, Herr Dryer. No medical library trip would be complete without a picture of a squirrel. (Photo by Vasu Sriganesh.)
Packing Light Rail Airport Home Again
Packing the bags. The new Light Rail system takes you from downtown to the airport for only $3.00. It goes the other way, too. At the airport. And home again.